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In Inspiration

By Tony LaTorre

Beeple’s Everydays

On 19, Oct 2015 | In Inspiration | By Tony LaTorre

No web­site recently has been more inspi­ra­tional to me than the one from Beeple (Mike Win­kle­mann) and his Every­days, which is the idea of doing a com­pleted art­work every­day, whether you like it or not, to keep improv­ing your cre­ative process. When you look at the work he was doing in 2008 and what he’s doing now (like the cool image below from Sep­tem­ber 2015) you can really see the progress of an artist into some­thing amaz­ing. It goes to show that while the cre­ation of good work may take some tal­ent, it also takes a work­man­like process. The cul­ti­va­tion of tal­ent takes time and noth­ing gets you to improve like doing some­thing day in and day out for 8 years as Win­kle­mann has.


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