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March 2014 - Tony LaTorre



One Comment

In After Effects

By Tony LaTorre

My Favorite Mask Colors

On 16, Mar 2014 | One Comment | In After Effects, Software | By Tony LaTorre

Choos­ing the right mask col­ors in Adobe After Effects is really impor­tant if you do lots of roto­scop­ing, or stroking paths, or any­thing involv­ing a lot of mask work. A mask whose ver­tices and han­dles get lost among the com­plex­ity of an image causes mis-clicks which is a huge time waster. And masks that are all the same or of sim­i­lar col­ors make it hard to select the right one, espe­cially if you’re select­ing it in the time­line where a mask is divorced from its shape.

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