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40-Year-Old Virgin Dynamic Type

Mid-2014 Motion Graphics Demo Reel

Black Dynamite Title Sequence

Snow ATM

Twisted Metal: Girl Under Bed

Sears Mirror “Lowest Prices” spot

Sony Sizzle Reel

Twisted Metal: Sweet Tooth Underground

CBM Logo

Assorted Logos 2006-2012

Treasures of the Talisman Promo

Super Monday Night Matchup Promo

Night of Premieres Promo

Birth Story (Parallax Shot 11)

News Update

Hey everyone, check out my dynamic type animation, with audio from The 40-Year-Old Virgin!


Beeple’s Everydays

19th October 2015 by Tony LaTorre

No website recently has been more inspirational to me than the one from Beeple (Mike Winklemann) and his Everydays, which is the idea of doing a completed artwork everyday, whether you like it or not, to keep improving your creative process. Read more…

Leonardo da Vinci Was a Loser

29th May 2014 by Tony LaTorre

Not really, but this cool video by Delve reminds us that creative geniuses aren’t born overnight. Read more…

After Effects Plugin Review: Un-Precompose

30th April 2014 by Tony LaTorre

We all know about precomposing, it’s one of the most useful tools in After Effects. But have you ever had the need to do the reverse, to un-precompose a composition in your timeline, bringing the layers it contains into your current comp?
Read more…